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Host: Awesome, we’re talking with Lisa Dillman she put together what we are calling the first ever Senior Summit here in Indianapolis and the Indianapolis area. Go to if you want to go to the website, very professional, two days, October 4thand 5th. First day is a professional day and second day is Community Day geared towards seniors and their caregivers. Lisa welcome back! Lisa:

Thank you very much. Host: So I’m wondering if we just want to go general admission is it affordable?


Yeah for community day the price of admission is $15 and the attendee gets lunch.


That’s amazing! Who’s providing lunch? I have to know.

Lisa: The event center at 502 Carmel provides…caters the lunch. Host: It sounds delicious. I’ve never eaten there but it sounds delicious. I’m sure it is wonderful. That’s a great deal actually, I could go to McAllister’s and spend that. And not get the wonderful Summit activities so cool that’s great.


That’s because our wonderful sponsors have been so generous that their dollars are going to fray those kind of expenses so more people can attend. Host: Let’s talk about some of those generous sponsors, one of them being IndyBOOMER right Mary Pat? Co Host: You betcha! Host: Tell us about the involvement of IndyBOOMER and then Lisa can chime in. Co-Host: Well we’re helping them, as we are right now, to promote the event but when I met with Lisa and Marie, and Marie I guess is your second-hand or right hand right Lisa? Lisa: Yeah, yes she’s running the event. Co-Host: She’s doing a great job. Anyway. It was just a perfect fit, I mean she’s trying to get resources, we’re trying to get resources to people that are dealing with their parents or themselves and what to do when all of this falls into place. Host: I love it, so we’re a platinum sponsor and will we have the magazine available to those who go? Co-Host: You betcha! Host: Oh wonderful! Okay, the one with John Stehr on the front? The cover, the new one? Co-Host:

Yes, yes. Host: Perfect! Okay so that’s just…sounds like there are trip treats involved. I like trip treats. Lisa: There will be plenty of trip treats, we’re very excited to share little treats with people. Host: Alright we are speaking with Lisa Dillman, she’s an attorney and she’s put together the Senior Summit, We are going to have a lot of speakers, I know one in particular I’m super excited about, because we, the tie-in for IndyBOOMER is the Rocksteady Boxing Club and we know the founder of that was Scott Newman who’s a former, not district attorney, wait yeah for the city. So is he speaking? And when? That’ll be inspirational.

Lisa: Yeah he is, I’m really excited about this, he’s our keynote speaker for the Community Day and he, the title of the speech is Embracing the Vulnerability of Aging and Caregiving and I’ve interviewed Scott a couple of times now in preparation for his speech and his Parkinson’s is tied into my life, my father-in-law has Parkinson’s, we found Rockcity Boxing, or Rocksteady Boxing! And then found Scott through that and he, his speech is not only inspirational but it’s just, he’s just such a strong public figure that I’m proud to have him at this event. Host: He’s a phenomenal human being. Rocksteady now is something, it’s a boxing. So Scott years ago, when he was diagnosed at 40 with a buddy discovered that boxing helped with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and he’s opened these gyms in all 50 states now, 3 different countries and he’s helping hundreds of thousands of people dealing with Parkinson’s. Great story. Lisa: Yeah, it really is. Host: Yeah, there has been an article in our magazine. We did a…we focused on a woman who was recently diagnosed with it too in her mid 50s and went to the gym with her and the workouts. It’s really incredible to meet these inspirational people, they’re all inspirational dealing with that so. Lisa: And it’s amazing how one person can make…can effectuate such change around the world really. Host: Exactly, and didn’t even set out to do that. Went to help himself… Lisa: That’s why we were so happy to get him as our keynote yay! Host: Yeah he still lives in town right? Co-Host:

Yeah he’s still working at the Prosecutor’s Office.

Host: Oh that’s cool, very cool. Lisa: He’s at the attorney general’s office yep. Co-Host: Oh you’re right it is the attorney general. Host: What time is his speech? His keynote? Lisa: He goes on Friday, October 5th, from 9:30-10. Registration opens at 9 and you can par ooze the exhibit hall from 9-9:30 and then make sure you get a good seat for him. Host: Now is this place big because you’re going to have a crowd? Lisa: Yes, this place is big. Host: Good…good. The event center in Carmel, okay. Lisa: Yes, so we have…we can accommodate several hundred people on both days. We’re getting close, not super close but it’s time to not procrastinate. Host: Yeah don’t fool around, go ahead. I know on the website there is a simple button that says Register Now so go and do it right now. Register Now and don’t forget to get lunch that second day as well, included. $15 that’s a great deal. So lots to see. What have we not talked about, let’s talk about some of the scheduling and some of the other speakers and exhibits that we might see. I’ll let you pick a few of your favorites to tell us about Well they’re all your favorites but… Lisa: I have kind of a bucket of favorites from professional day and a bucket of favorites from community day. There’s a breakout session, a series of breakout sessions that I really love. One is by Dr. Palmer Mackey, his speech is Medical Today Taken Seriously so he really talks about something simple like food can be medicine as we battle chronic disease and as we enter into a care journey. One of the technical sessions is Family, Farm, and Small Business Succession Planning and I know that effects a lot of us Hoosiers who are either running small businesses like myself or have family farms like the family that I’m in right now. Host: Aw really? Lisa: Yeah, so we, those things are harder to plan with and so we have some sessions dedicated to getting people thinking about that. And we also have sessions that are aimed at for instance Christine Shields is talking about Anxiety, Depression, and Grief in caregivers. It just really runs the spectrum and I just believe somebody, there is something there for everybody. Host: That’s really cool. So you come from a farming background? Lisa: Yes I do. My husband and I both. My family really focused, started out in farming but then ended up focusing in the greenhouse business in areas outside of Indianapolis. Yeah so, we have agriculture in our blood. Host: That’s very cool, well Hoosiers, that’s a given! I was talking with my mom on the phone the other day, they live in Florida and just about my son who’s 21 was talking about going to law school after he graduates, he’s got another year at college, at IU, but she’s like “oh you gotta have an attorney in the family” and you know it’s…I bet mom and dad were kind of like that’s kind of cool we have an attorney in the family now right? When you decided to do that? Lisa: That’s exactly right and even though I didn’t share that I had been practicing for the better part of 2 and a half decades, I started out in the courtroom being a litigator and it wasn’t until my family, my grandmother needed asset preservation to save that family farm so my uncles could work on it. I didn’t even know what elder law was, so that’s how I fell into elder law and I think a lot of people get confronted with these issues kind of deprived. Co-Host: Well I also think Lisa, a lot of people get involved in the whole process once they’ve been in that situation. Does that make sense? Host: Yeah, there’s a need for it.

Lisa: Yeah, they live through it and then they have valuable information to share with friends, family, loved ones, their church, community. Host: Mary Pat is pretty private too but she’s talked about her mom on the show and just learned so much going through the process. Co-Host: Yeah, that’s why I started the whole magazine, because of my father with dementia. That’s why I started the magazine because I saw all these people my age in their 50s dealing with their parents so I know what you’re saying Lisa. Host: How long has the magazine been out Mary Pat? How many years? Co-Host:

7 years. Host: 7 years. Okay. Somebody asked me that the other day and I’m like, I think it’s 10. But it’s 7. Co-Host:

Seems like 10… Host: Haha… probably for you! Okay we’re talking with Lisa Dillman, she’s put together the Senior Summit,, go ahead and register because space is starting to become limited. It’s a great place for resources, education, professional senior services, and for caregivers and seniors in general. Any final thoughts? Lisa: I would just have a call to action, to have people come on out and listen to the education offerings. Especially Day 1, for those professionals and I know there are a lot of professionals who are listening and we’re providing continuing education that day for lawyers, financial planners, insurance professionals, CPAs, occupational therapists, speech therapists, health care providers. So there’s really something for everyone in those two days. Host: That’s wonderful. Well thank you so much for being our guest on BOOMER radio Lisa Dillman, with the Senior Summit. We appreciate your time! Lisa: Thanks so much for having me. Host: You bet and you’re listening to BOOMER radio on Freedom 95.

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