United Senior Advocates Presents: Senior Summit

Expanding education, connecting resources, and changing perspectives to better serve the senior community.

Baby Boomers and the Senior Community are one of the wealthiest markets in the world and ar key to economic growth. Jody Holtzman, head of AARP’s Thought Leadership unit, says: “You’d have to be an idiot to turn your back on this humongous growth market.”

And she’s right. But despite this evidence, Seniors are targeted by a mere 5-10% of marketing in the U.S. Professionals are not reaching them. This makes it extremely difficult for Seniors to access resources and services necessary for life post-retirement.

In a mission to make it possible for Seniors to connect, United Senior Advocates presents Senior Summit: A dynamic two-day event bringing legal, financial, social and medical professionals together with Seniors and their caregivers.

Throughout the conference, attendees have the chance to browse exhibitors, join workshops, listen to keynote speakers and ask questions during panel sessions. By participating in Senior Summit, we believe both professionals and seniors will leave with the tools necessary to navigate the Senior industry.

Not sure if Senior Summit is for you? Let’s make it simple.


Senior Summit is for you if you want to…

· Expand your practice in a growing market

· Increase revenue in your business

· Develop skills and products aimed at serving the senior demographic

· Differentiate yourself amongst professionals in your field

· Network with leaders in the Senior industry

Seniors & Caregivers:

Senior Summit is for you if you want to…

· Learn about resources available to you in short workshops and panel sessions

· Meet professionals in the senior industry

· Connect with other seniors and caregivers who may be in a similar situation as you

· Browse unique services and products in our Exhibit Hall

· Spend a fun and informative day with your loved ones

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